qdatus generates value for customers through the issuance of resalable data sets. The qdatus platform enables corporate clients to raise funds by selling their data in a controlled and safe manner.

Purchasers of data sets get access to alternative data sets to enhance modelling and analytics efforts.

qdatus offers a number of services related Data Monetisation and Alternative Data Sets including:

  • Data distribution
  • Data valuation
  • Data quality assurance
  • Data standards
  • Data consulting
  • Analytics

Let’s face it, we have lots of data. In fact, your company has more data that you might realise.  Many companies struggle to realise the profitability promised from a data led approach.  qdatus provides a new approach to package data to create up-front and ongoing revenue streams.

According to Forbes, “there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day…”1

qdatus helps companies monetise their data.There are data sets that you have that can be readily packaged and made available as a new source of revenues.  In other, cases qdatus can help you to create new data sets for a profitable new revenue stream.

1“How Much Data Do We Create Every Day? The Mind-Blowing Stats Everyone Should Read” By Bernard Marr, May 21 2018

Do you struggle to get the data you need for your analytics and modelling work? Models are data hungry and the more high quality data provided to them, the more accurate the models. 

qdatus provides access to new alternative data sets. And if one doesn’t exist, qdatus specialises in working with companies to provide that data to meet your requirements.

What’s unique about the qdatus approach is that:

  • the data will  be provided in a standardised package so that you can aggregate data sets from multiple provider.
  • the data is an ongoing stream up data (rather than a one off acquisition)
  • the data package is resalable and regularly valued so that you data acquisition isn’t an expense but an investment and recognised on your balance sheet accordingly.

The qdatus Pegasus platform provides a secure a mechanism for hosting an distributing data. With best in class security provisions, data access can be monitored in real-time with granular permissions as to whom has access, when and how.

Among the benefits of data issuance through qdatus is the ability to realise the value of your corporate data sets as tangible assets on the balance sheet.  To do this, qdatus has created new pricing models and algorithms to provide consistent valuations for mark to market purposes.  qdatus’ pegasus platform also provides a ready market place where you data can be assessed and valued.

High quality data is more valuable and carried a premium in the marketplace.  qdatus helps you to establish the quality of data to be sold.  Higher quality data has a higher value in the marketplace.  qdatus provides a means to demonstrate, real-world higher valuations  for your data quality improvements. 

The qdatus leadership team are recognised leaders in data quality improvement. Together with our partners, qdatus can accelerate data quality improvements and manage relevant change programmes.

Data consulting

To help clients prepare their data for sale, qdatus provides expert consulting services to clean data, enhance business processes and deliver data science capabilities – in even the most challenging environments.